Teresina Metro

By | February 28, 2015

 Teresina Metro Information

There is a light rail system in place in Teresina that operates along nine stations and was set up on tracks that had been laid down way back in 1922. Although it is referred to as a Metro service, the entire system runs above ground level. While the rolling stock of the Metro service is new, the stations are in a dilapidated condition. With the exception of the stations at Frei Serafim and Bandeira/Engenheiro, none of the other Teresina Metro stations represent the class of the places that you are likely to visit by means of the network, either as a tourist or as an upper society citizen.

Most of the stations located on the eastern end of the Poti River are along streets that are narrow and run up towards a dead end. The neighbourhoods are poor and lack any form of bus terminals or thriving commerce. Both visitors and locals are victims of confusions arising from the station names. While the official name of the terminus at the West End is Engenheiro Alberto Tavares Silva, it is locally known as the Bandeira station. Parque Ideal is another name for the Novo Horizonte station. Most of the other stations along the eastern end of Teresina do not have signages so you are unable to pin-point your location by any means.

The Metro network caters to the daily transportation needs of almost eight thousand people. Although it was introduced along with some of the other Metro systems in and around Central and Southern Brazil in 1991, the Teresina Metro stands as a symbol of vanity project by politicians and does not fulfill its potential in terms of providing an alternative to bus transportation in the city. Teresina metro has daily ridership of 8,000 passengers.

Teresina Metro Lines and Hours

Line Terminals Inauguration Length Stations Length of trips (min) Operation
1 Itararé ↔ Engenheiro Alberto Silva 5 June 1991 13.5 km 9 30 Monday-Friday, 6:00-19:00 hrs

Teresina Metro Map

Map of Teresina Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or download Teresina Metro Map in PDF.

Teresina Metro Pictures

Teresina Metro Resources




Teresina Metro Map by Ricardo

Teresina Metro by Claudio Martins

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