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Tbilisi Metro is the rapid transit system in Tbilisi, Georgia opened in 1966. Tbilisi metro is the fourth metro system which is vividly decorated in the former Soviet Union. Tbilisi metro is operated by the Tbilisi transport company.  The total length of the metro line is 26.4km and Tbilisi metro serves 20 stations. More than 105.6 million people use the metro annually. Most stations are built deep and currently Tbilisi metro consists of two lines. Tbilisi, being the fourth most important city of the Soviet Union the rapid transit metro system is an important transport hub. The valley which is surrounded by mountains makes it difficult for people to travel through road. The construction of the subway system began in 1952, when there were only 750,000 inhabitants. The first line was opened in 1966 through the city center and later the line was extended and now the length of this line is 19.6km. By 1990’s some of the station names were changed  from Russian to Georgian. Tbilisi metro is the fastest and one of the most comfortable means of transportation in Georgia.

Tbilisi Metro Lines

Currently the Tbilisi Metro System consists of two lines. 20 metro stations are built underground and 2 above the surface level. The metro lines are identified by its color.

  • Tbilisi Metro Line1 – line 1 was opened in 1966 and the length of the route is 19.6km. line1 serves 16 stations and the metro train runs between Akhmeteli and Varketili Line. Line 1 runs through the historic sites, so this line is heavily used by the tourists.
  • Tbilisi Metro Line2 – line2 was opened in 1979 and the length of the route is 6.8km. line2 serves 6 stations and the metro train runs between Vagzlis Moedani and Delisi. In 2000, the line was extended further. Line 2 runs through residential areas.
  • Tbilisi Metro Line3 is under construction and the length of the route is 5 km. Line 3 is planning to serve 5 stations and the metro train is proposed to run between Rustaveli and Vazisubani. The dates of completion of line3 is still not known.

Tbilisi Metro Map

Map of Tbilisi Metro System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Tbilisi Metro Map PDF.

Tbilisi Metro Map

Tbilisi Metro Hours

Tbilisi metro starts services 6.00am in the morning until midnight 12.00am. During the peak times, metro riders will get a metro train at an interval of 2.5minutes and during night times, metro trains are available at an interval of 12 minutes. Metro train runs in a speed between 60km/h and 90km/h.

Tbilisi Metro Fare, Cards and Tickets

The Tbilisi metro system operates through rechargeable prepaid cards. This prepaid card is called Metro money. The card can be used to travel in both subway and bus. Metro riders can purchase tickets from metro stations. You must pay 2GEL for ticket and refill the ticket at any branches of the bank of Georgia. Metro riders can recharge the card with desired amount. With this card, metro riders will get a discount. The first trip will cost 40 tetries and second trip will cost 30 tetries. Third trip will cost 20 tetries. Every day the card functions the same way. For vulnerable people, the fare is 10 tetris. Every trip using a metro money card is cheaper. While entering the metro simply pass the card on the turnstile, the trip is recorded and the new balance will appear on the card.

Tbilisi Metro Parking

Tbilisi Metro offers a convenient park and ride facilities at each station. Free park and ride spaces are available near metro stations. Some park and ride areas charge nominal fees for parking vehicles. The metro train parking area has been partially renovated.

Tbilisi Metro Rules and Tips

If tourist or residents of Georgia hold personal card, they will get a 75 % discount while using the metro system. The personal card holding passengers will also get a 75 % discount when using municipal buses. Tbilisi metro has been operating for 50 years and almost all stations are built underground. All the signs written inside the metro is in Georgian or in English. You must carry a map while travelling the metro. Russian is the language which is widely spoken in Tbilisi. Without ticket passengers are not allowed to enter the public transport system. Travelling cards are available in every subway station. Tbilisi metro can save time and energy. Plastic travel cards are also available.

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