Tbilisi Metro

Tbilisi Metro Information

The Tbilisi metro is a rapid transit system that serves the city of Tbilisi in Georgia. The system began operations on 11th December 1966, and presently has 2 lines that serve 22 stations. The network has a total system length of 27.1 kilometer. It is operated by Tbilisi Transport Company. As per 2012 statistics, the system had an annual ridership of 93.9 million passengers.

Tbilisi Metro Map

Map of Tbilisi Metro System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Tbilisi Metro Map PDF.

Tbilisi Metro Map

Tbilisi Metro Hours

The metro service starts operations at 6:00 am and runs until midnight. The frequency of trains during peak hours is 2-3 minutes. During night time, the frequency between trains is 12 minutes.

Tbilisi Metro Fare, Cards and Tickets

Riders can purchase a single journey ticket for 50 Tetri. In order to avail discounts, passengers can purchase Metromoney card. While using this card, the riders need to pay a first time travel fare of 50 Tetri, however, they can ride free of charge for the next one and a half hour, on either the metro or the bus. Changing to other transport during this time interval is also free. Cost of this card is 2 Lari. The card can be purchased from offices located at metro stations and Rike-Narikala wire rope. It can also be purchased from express payment machines of ‘Bank of Georgia’. This card is not personalized. The card can be returned within duration of one month and the charge of 2 Lari is refunded.

Discounts are provided to people falling in various categories. Students, doctors, nurses, general practitioners, pediatricians,  pensioners, social agents and workers associated with Tbilisi service centers of social service agency, employees of professional educational institutions, employees of public comprehensive institutions, social agents and social workers, are offered the metro and bus tickets at the rate of 20 Tetri.

People who are visually impaired, students of comprehensive schools, veterans of military forces, veterans of World War II, family members of veterans who died in World War II, Site inspectors of Tbilisi department of Ministry of Internal Affairs, can travel on the metro and bus for free.

Tbilisi Metro Parking

Tbilisi Metro offers a convenient park and ride facilities at each station. Free park and ride spaces are available near metro stations. Some park and ride areas charge nominal fees for parking vehicles. The metro train parking area has been partially renovated.

Tbilisi Metro Rules and Tips

The metro provides a fast and convenient way to travel around the city. Most of the metro stations are underground and are beautifully decorated. The information displayed at stations and inside metro is either in Georgian or English. The metro stations offer park and ride facility. Some stations also provide free parking.

Tbilisi Metro Lines

Currently the Tbilisi Metro System consists of two lines. 20 metro stations are built underground and 2 above the surface level. The metro lines are identified by its color.

  • Tbilisi Metro Line1 – line 1 was opened in 1966 and the length of the route is 19.6km. line1 serves 16 stations and the metro train runs between Akhmeteli and Varketili Line. Line 1 runs through the historic sites, so this line is heavily used by the tourists.
  • Tbilisi Metro Line2 – line2 was opened in 1979 and the length of the route is 6.8km. line2 serves 6 stations and the metro train runs between Vagzlis Moedani and Delisi. In 2000, the line was extended further. Line 2 runs through residential areas.
  • Tbilisi Metro Line3 is under construction and the length of the route is 5 km. Line 3 is planning to serve 5 stations and the metro train is proposed to run between Rustaveli and Vazisubani. The dates of completion of line3 is still not known.

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