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10 Most Dangerous Diseases In The World

Forget Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. For that matter forget the wars and the violence we do to each other. Throughout history, the biggest killer of the human race has been deadly diseases. Whether it was the Black Death in 14th century Europe or Ebola in present-day Africa, the cost of human life and cost to… Read More »

10 Most Amazing Street Foods Of India

Take a walk down on some of the streets of India and you will find some of the most amazing street foods in the world. Street food is ideally the food that is sold in public areas like a market, in fair by a hawker, vendor with a portable stall. Scrumptious, lip-smacking and mind-blowingly delicious,… Read More »

Most Terrifying Places Around The World

Theories about the existence of ghosts and ghouls is a very controversial topic. Some people not only accept but also fear ghosts but there are also certain others who completely reject the idea that there may be unhappy human souls wandering about the very world we live and breathe in seeking some form of closure.… Read More »

Most Unusual Houses Around The World

Each house is unique in its own way, not by the structure and design but by the people that live in it and make it a home of their own. But the following houses from around the world are sure to blow your mind away because they have been fashioned in the craziest way possible… Read More »

10 Most Dangerous Airports Around The World

Usually, there may be a little buzz in your ears as your aircraft descends gently into a smooth landing. But, if you are looking for more ‘edge of the seat’ excitement, and a hair-raising experience, head for one of these extreme airports. They are guaranteed to get the goose bumps up and the adrenalin pumping… Read More »

The Ten Most Dangerous Snakes Around the World

They are found everywhere except on the continent of Antarctica. Over 3,400 species thrive on land and in the seas. These slithering, slimy serpents ruined Adam and Eve. They poison, swallow or constrict their prey. Here are some interesting facts about the deadliest of them. Inland Taipan: Most experts consider the venom of the inland… Read More »

The Most Deadly Insects Around The World

Most of us are irked by insects or simply afraid of them. The movies don’t help much either by portraying them as scary and lethal beings. In reality, most insects are harmless until they feel threatened. But the following insects are definitely to be avoided at all cost because it is a list of the… Read More »