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By | September 5, 2016
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Samara Metro Information

The Metro service in Samara was a Christmas gift for the people of the city in the year 1987. The first part of the network that comprised of four stations- Bezymyannaya, Pobeda, Kirovskaya and Yungorodok besides an electrodepot- was initially opened before expansions were carried out. An industrial town, the factories and other operational plants of Samar were located in the district of Bezymianny while the workers were mainly housed in the central districts. The main purpose of building this subway system was to facilitate easy transportation of workers to their various work places while reducing the tangle of traffic on the highways.

The first stage of the Samara Metro was stretched over a route length of only four kilometers. Construction on the six kilometer long stretch between Gagarinskaya Street and Pobeda Street started at the same time. However, the disintegration of the USSR threw a spanner in the works. There was a severe negative impact on industries and the national economy meaning that all construction projects had to take the backseat. The Samara Metro expansion project too had to bite the bullet! Samara Metro carries 44,000 passengers daily.

Samara Metro Timings, Frequency and Schedule

The Samara metro is fairly, a convenient means of public transportation in the city. It begins operations at 06:00 am and runs till a little bit after 00:00 am. The trains have a relatively good headway, with a maximum of 13 minutes and a minimum of 10 minutes. The frequency of the trains vary according to the time of the day.

For more information on the timings, frequency as well as a detailed schedule, you can visit the official website at:

Samara Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The passengers have the option of making payment for the metro through a ticket or the transportation card. A single ticket for a person or luggage amounts to 23 roubles. Apart from this, the passengers can make the payment via a transport card. The integrated transportation card costs 100 roubles, with an average of 21 roubles per trip. There are two different types of student cards available for the students; limited and unlimited student card. The former is priced at 50 roubles, while the latter at 75 roubles. The added benefit of the unlimited student card is it allows for unlimited travel, rather than depending on the amount of funds available.

Children under the age of 7 get the luxury of travelling for free.

For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Samara Metro Rules and Tips

An unusual rule while travelling on the Samara metro, is the payment of a fee for the transportation of luggage as well. However, this too, is subject to some terms and conditions in relation to the size of the luggage. Firearms, explosive substances, trees/saplings, animals (without cages), bicycles are some of the objects that are prohibited within the Samara metro network. Walking on the platforms without shoes is not allowed either. The rest of the guidelines are general, keeping in mind the standard rules and tips while using a metro network. However, for the entire list of rules and tips, you can visit the official website at:

Samara Metro Map

Map of Samara Metro showing its stations. Click on the map to enlarge it Download Samara Metro Map in PDF.

Samara Metro Stations

The stations at Gagarinskaya, Sportivnaya and Sovetskaya were opened in the early stages of the 1990s, with plans for their inauguration being made over a period nearly six years. Moskovskaya was the only station to be constructed as part of the democratic country of Russia and began operations in December of 2002.

  • Teatralnaya
  • Samarskaya
  • Alabinskaya
  • Rossiyskaya
  • Moskovskaya
  • Gagarinskaya
  • Sportivnaya
  • Sovetskaya
  • Pobeda
  • Bezymyanka
  • Kirovskaya
  • Yungorodok
  • Krylya Sovetov

Samara Metro Resources

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