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Rome Metro Information

Rome Metro is the underground public transportation system that serves the population living in Rome, Italy. The Rome metro network was opened in 1955 and it is the oldest metro network in Italy. Currently there are two metro lines and the third one is under construction. The current metro network is 41.5km long and the metro lines intersect in X shape at Termini station. Rome one of the most ancient cities in Europe has 3 million inhabitants and the rapid transit system serves them daily. Beside metro, urban and suburban railways, Rome metro also offers tram network services to people. The metro system is the main transportation system in Rome. The rapid transit system is operated by ATAC, Rome’s local transport provider.

Rome Metro Lines

Currently there are two metro lines, line A and line B. The third line, line C is under construction and the fourth line, Line D has been announced and Line D is under planning stage. The two metro lines are identified by their color.

  • Rome Metro Line A – Line A was opened to the public in 1980 and the length of the route is 18.4km. Line A serves 27 stations and around 164.2 million passengers travel through this line daily. Through Line A the metro runs between Battistini and Anagnina. Line A connects North West of the city towards south east. Line A is the second city’s metro line built in Italy. In the year 1990, line A was extended from Ottaviano towards Battistini.
  • Rome Metro Line B  – Line B was opened to the public in 1955 and the length of the route is 22km. Line B serves 25 stations and 109.5 million passengers use this line daily. Through line B the metro train runs from Laurentina towards Rebibbia. Line B was the first metro line in Rome and it connects north east of the city towards south west. In 1990, line B was extended from Termini towards Rebibbia, east of the city.
  • Rome Metro Line C  - Line C is under construction and planning to run from Grottarossa towards Pantano. This is the first metro line getting extended beyond the city limits. Line C is planning to get intersected with Line A at Ottaviano and Line B at Colosseo. Line C will run totally automatically and the metro train features Copenhagen metro.
  • Rome Metro Line D - Line D has started construction and the line will link north eastern areas of Rome towards south west. Line D will be 22km long and it is planning to serve 22 stations.

Rome Metro Map

Map of Rome Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Rome Metro Map in PDF.

Rome Metro Map

Rome Metro Hours

Rome metro services start from 9.30am until 11.30pm. The metro system offers service every day to the inhabitants of Rome. Metro trains are available at frequent interval of 4 to 10 minutes. Rome Metro offers services on Saturdays until 12.30 am only.

Rome Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

Rome metro passengers must purchase tickets from the vending machines at metro stations and major bus stops. Passengers are needed to pass through the ticket barriers, putting their ticket in the slot. Children’s aged under 10 can travel for free. You can validate the ticket in buses and trams. BIT is the standard ticket for 1 metro ride and it will cost €1.50. BIG is 1 day ticket valid for 24 hours of unlimited travel and it will cost you €6. You can get the BTI 3 day ticket for €16.50. CIS is a 7 day ticket valid for 1 week and the ticket will cost you €24.

Rome Metro Parking

There are lots of cheap park and ride facilities available outside metro stations. The park and ride service costs €1.50 for 12 hours and €2.50 for a whole day. If you hold the Rome monthly transit pass, you can park your vehicle for free.

Rome Metro Rules and Tips

Metro riders must validate their ticket prior to travel. The tickets once stamped can be used to travel by bus, subway, tram and metro.  Rome is one of the safest cities to travel, but you must be aware of pickpockets. You can drink water, it is too good. One bike is allowed to carry on the metro system, but you will be required to take a ticket for that. Metro riders can carry dog, cats and birds on line A and line B. Guide dogs can travel free.

Rome Metro Resources 

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