Gurgaon Rapid Metro Route Map

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Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail in it’s Phase 1 will connect DLF Cyber City to Delhi Metro’s Existing Network. The Train would run on the following Route from Sikanderpur Metro Station till DLF Phase 3 Metro Station :

  1. Sikanderpur Metro Station (Interchange Station)
  2. DLF Phase II Metro Station
  3. Belvedere Towers Metro Station
  4. Gateway Tower Metro Station
  5. Moulsari Avenue Metro Station
  6. DLF Phase III Metro Station

Route Map Showing Phase 1 of Gurgaon Rapid Metro (in Gray)

Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail Map

Phase 1 Map of Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail

Map Courtesy : Abhishek971

Route/Line Map Of Rapid Metro Rail Showing Different Stations in Phase 1 : –

Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail Map

Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail Map.

Map Courtesy : Wribln



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