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The Prague Metro System is the rapid transit system of Prague. It was opened for public on 9th May 1974 and is presently the sixth busiest metro system in Europe. The system serves 57 stations over three lines and is spread over a track of 57.4 km. As per the 2012 statistics, the metro system had served around 589.2 million passengers. The Prague metro is used by over 500 million passengers every year. The system is administered by Prague Public Transit Company Co. Inc. which also manages all of the city’s public transport like the buses, metro, tramways etc. The metro system is also connected to buses, furnicular to Petřín and commuter trains and various parking lots, where the owners can park their vehicles and ride in a transport system. All of them together form the Prague Integrated Transport (PIT).

Prague Metro Lines

Prague Metro has three lines and each line are represented by different color and signs. In total there are 57 stations and most of them are built underground. All the three lines meet in the center of the city and the deepest station is Namesti Miru.

  • Line A – Prague Metro Line A was opened to the public in 1978 and the length of the route is 11.0 km. Line A covers 13 stations and it runs from east to west from Depo Hostivar to Dejvicka. Prague metro is planning to extend the line towards Motol by 2014.
  • Line B – Prague Metro Line B runs from east to west serving 24 stations. The metro route is 25.6 km long and the metro train runs between Cerny Most and Zlicin. Some parts of line B run through glass tunnels above the ground. On the B line, metro station Narodni Trida has been closed for 2 years and the nearest alternative station is Mustek.
  • Line C – Prague Metro Line C was opened in 1974 and the length of the route is 22.7 km. Line C serves 20 stations and the metro runs from north to south. Line C metro train runs between Letnany and Haje.

The Prague metro is planning to have two more lines, Line D and Line E. Line D will be connecting city center and other parts of Prague and Line E would have a circle line.

Prague Metro Map

Map of Prague Metro showing various lines and stations of the Prague Metro System in Czech Republic. Click on the Map to enlarge it. You can also download the Prague Metro Map PDF.

Prague Metro Map, Map of Prague Metro

Prague Metro Map, Map of Prague Metro

Interactive Map of Prague Metro

Prague Metro Hour

The metro services operate from 4.45 am till midnight with trains running every 2-3 minutes during rush hours. The frequency between trains is 4-9 minutes in the evenings after 7 pm.

Prague Metro Tickets and Fare

The metro stations are patrolled by ticket inspectors who can check the ticket validity at any given time. Before the passengers enter the metro platform, they must buy and validate their tickets. Depending on their needs, the passengers can buy a 1 day, 3 days, short term (30 minutes) or a basic (90 minutes) ticket. Passes are also available with varying validity, like a monthly pass, quarterly pass, 90 day pass, 5 month, 10 month and a year pass. These tickets and passes are available to senior citizens at discounted rates.

A basic ticket (90 minute) costs 32 CZK for an adult, Junior and Student and 16 CZK for a child and senior citizen. A short term (30 minute) ticket costs 24 CZK for an adult, Junior and Student and 12 CZK for a child and senior citizen. A one day ticket is priced at 110 CZK for an adult, Junior and Student and 55 CZK for a child and senior citizen.

The monthly pass costs 550 CZK for an adult, and is made available to juniors and Students at a discounted rate of 260 CZK. Similarly senior citizens can avail it at 250 CZK.

A 5 month pass costs 2450 CZK for adults, 1200 CZK for juniors and students and 1100 CZK for seniors.

In 2013, the metro also introduced a mobile application called SEJF, for the purchase of tickets. However, discounted tickets cannot be purchased via this application.

Prague Metro Parking

There are lots of park and ride space available for metro users near each metro station. The park and ride space are available all the day. Press the button to take the ticket and you can park your car on the way. If you are travelling within the metro area, you have to parking fees. Per day parking will cost 20Kc and riders must take their vehicle out of the park area 30 minutes before the metro gets closed.

Prague Metro Rules and Tips

Most of the metro stations are large but are well signposted. The stations also provide a park and ride facility, where the riders can park their vehicles for a fee and ride the metro. Bicycles can also be transported on the metro, ferries and furnicular to Petřín, but only during the designated times. Small pets can also be transported inside small hand held cages. Children upto 6 years of age can travel free.


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