PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson)

By | July 30, 2016
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PATH Information

For more than 100 years now, the Port Authority Trans Hudson has been serving the northern New Jersey and parts of Manhattan, New York City. It is a relatively small metro network, when compared to other metro networks around the world, operating on just 4 lines and serving 13 stations. This 22 km long network is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and is operated by the Port Authority Trans-Hudson. It is a very convenient means of travel within the regions as it’s operational throughout the day, for 24 hours on all 7 days of the week. Probably because of this, the network has a daily ridership of 263,300(2015).


PATH Hours

As mentioned earlier in the article, the trains of the PATH run for 24 hours, on all 7 days of the week. For detailed information on the schedules of the trains, according to the lines/stations, you can visit the official website at:

PATH Fares, Tickets and Cards

Riders can pay fares using SmartLink, SmartLink Gray and MetroCard. A SmartLink card is the primary fare card for PATH system. It is a smart card which can be loaded and also provides information about the number of days left and the number of prepaid trips that are available on the card. These can be purchased online, or from blue SmartLink vending machines located at stations, or from participating newsstands. These cards also available to seniors 65 years of age and older, and provides discounted fares. A single ride ticket/1- trip SmartLink costs $2.75. The ticket is valid for two hours from the time of purchase. These can also be purchased for 10 trips, which costs $21.00, 20 trips costs $42.00 and 40 trip-SmartLink costs $84.00. The price per trip from these cumulative trip cards is $2.10. Senior SmartLink Card costs $1.00. A SmartLink 1-day pass costs $8.25, SmartLink 7-day pass costs $29.00 and SmartLink 30-day pass costs $89.00. These provide unlimited travel for the specified days.
SmartLink Gray is a paper version of the SmartLink card. It is available for 10, 20 and 40 trips. These are valid until all cards have been used or until the expiration date. The ticket is nonrefundable. A 10 trip SmartLink Gray can be purchased for $19.00, A 20 trip SmartLink Gray costs $38.00 and a 40 trip SmartLink Gray costs $76.00.
Another option to pay is through MetroCards. The MetroCards can hold both pay per ride values and unlimited passes. The PATH however accepts cards that have a pay per ride value on them. The fare is deducted when the card is used at a PATH turnstile. It can be used to pay up to four fares in duration of 18 minutes. These can be purchased from vending machines. A PATH-2 trip MetroCard costs $5.50. The card is valid till the expiration date. A fee of $1.00 is charged for new MetroCards.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

PATH Parking

Most stations offer park and ride facilities to metro passengers. Metro riders will be required to pay parking fees to park their vehicle on metro premises.

PATH Rules and Tips

Flammable, explosive, radioactive and other such dangerous substances cannot be carried inside the metro network. Littering and other unsanitary activities are strictly discouraged. Children, teenagers or anybody else, aren’t allowed to travel on skateboards or any kind of roller blades within the network. Acrobats and dance aren’t allowed inside any of the trains. Musical instruments, musical devices, radio, tapes etc. are some of the other objects that aren’t allowed within the metro network. The consumption of food or beverages is banned on the trains as well as on the station premises. There are some specific rules with regard to the transit of bicycles on the network. Foldable bicycles are allowed at all times but non-foldable ones aren’t. They are allowed on the network only at certain time periods. (06:30-09:30; 15:30-18:30)
For more information on the rules and regulations to be followed while travelling on the PATH meto network, you can visit the official website at:

PATH Lines & Service

Currently the rapid transit system serves 4 lines. PATH operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Each line is identified by color.
● Newark to World Trade Center – This route is colored red. It runs from the Pennsylvania station towards the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York. The length of the route is 14.3km serving 6 stations. The metro operates 24 hours a day and it takes 22 minutes to complete a trip.
● Hoboken to World Trade Center – This route is colored green and runs from the Hoboken terminal towards the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York. The length of the route is 4.8km serving 4 stations. Metro through this route operates only on weekdays and not on weekends. This is the only route in which every station is handicapped accessible.
● Journal Square to 33rd street – This route is colored yellow. It runs from Journal Square on Jersey Street toward 33rd street in Midtown Manhattan, New York. The length of the route is 9.2km serving 8 stations.
● Hoboken to 33rd street – The route is colored blue and runs from Hoboken towards 33rd street in Midtown Manhattan, New York. The length of the route is 5.6km serving 6 stations. It takes 14 minutes to complete a trip.
● Journal Square to 33rd street via Hoboken – This route line is colored yellow and blue. It runs from Journal Square to 33rd street in Mid Town Manhattan, New York. The length of the route is 10.8km serving 9 stations and it takes 26 minutes to complete a trip.
The 13 stations that PATH serves are: Newark, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street, Exchange Place, Newport, Hoboken, World Trade Center, 33rd Street, 23rd Street, 14th Street, 9th Street and Christopher Street.

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