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30 Fun Facts About The Human Body

“The human body is the most complex system ever created. The more we learn about it, the more appreciation we have about what a rich system it is” – Bill Gates. The human body is said to be one of the most complicated and intricate system .Some of the fun facts of the human body… Read More »

10 Really Interesting Facts About The Indian Flag

India! Simply uttering the name of this wonderful country invokes thousands of emotions within us. Just like the innumerable wonders that exist on this incredible land, every single Indian is truly extraordinary and possesses great humanitarian values quite set apart from anywhere else in the world. But what has made this nation so great? The… Read More »

10 Truly Interesting Facts About The Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is an entire organization in itself and has a very long and interesting history. Right from the very first steam train introduced by the British to the super-fast Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express, the Indian Railways has come a long way in connecting every nook and cranny of India. Apart from this, it… Read More »

Most Terrifying Places Around The World

Theories about the existence of ghosts and ghouls is a very controversial topic. Some people not only accept but also fear ghosts but there are also certain others who completely reject the idea that there may be unhappy human souls wandering about the very world we live and breathe in seeking some form of closure.… Read More »

Most Unusual Houses Around The World

Each house is unique in its own way, not by the structure and design but by the people that live in it and make it a home of their own. But the following houses from around the world are sure to blow your mind away because they have been fashioned in the craziest way possible… Read More »

Top Ten Engineering Colleges in India

In a few months, millions of students across the country will be completing school education and will look for higher education. Engineering is one of the most popular fields which thousands of students will be choosing. India has one of the best engineering schools in the world. Here are best of the best engineering schools… Read More »

Top 10 Beer Brands in India

Beer is the most loved beverage of the world. There definitely can’t be a person alive who says that they don’t like beer unless they have never actually tasted it especially in a country like India where people just wait for an opportunity to get high. This frothy, bubbly drink makes for an amazing party… Read More »

Top 10 Oldest Languages In The World

Language is the most vital factor and the most important medium for the purpose of communication both verbal and written. Human societies have invented various languages across the globe. Each of these languages is distinct in characteristics, tone, and flow. Languages have evolved through years. Some of these have become extinct and some are still… Read More »

7 Cool Reasons Why Hindu Women Wear a Mangalsutra Necklace

Why women in India wear Mangalsutra? India is a land of cultures and traditions. Indian culture solely concentrates on the protection of society and having a healthy living. All the customs and traditions, have some or the other significance behind it. For instance, a married woman in the Indian culture holds a special position in… Read More »