Ningbo Rail Transit

By | July 30, 2016
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Ningbo Rail Transit Information

Currently in the development stage, the Ningbo Rail Transit serves the people of Ningbo, China and is just the second metro network that is operational in the Zhejiang Province. The rapid transit operates on just 2 lines, with a total number of 6 lines planned. The idea is to connect the urban areas of the city, via the metro. With a track length of 74.5 km long, the rapid transit serves 51 stations presently and is under the ownership of the Ningbo Rail Transit Group. An extremely young metro service, it began operations just 2 years ago, on the 30th of May 2014. In its inaugural year, it had a daily ridership of 151,400 at its peak.

Ningbo Rail Transit Frequency

The trains on the Ningbo Rail Transit have a headway varying from 7 minutes minimum, to a maximum of nearly 9 minutes.


Ningbo Rail Transit Rules and Tips

Those travelling the metro without a valid ticket, are subject to a fine of five times the highest fare on the metro. The same is the case for those passengers who ‘overtravel’. People with disabilities of any kind, can travel the metro for free provided they have certain documents to back their claim. Explosives, flammable substances etc. are prohibited. Bicycles too, aren’t allowed on the metro unless they are of the folding kind. Animals (pets) and luggage that weighs more than 20 kg are not allowed on the metro as well. Guide dogs/animals are an exception to this rule.

For more information on rules and tips, you can visit the official website at:

Ningbo Rail Transit Lines

Line 1 traverses an east-west path, originating as a viaduct in the west from Gaoqiao Town and proceeding into an underground tunnel upon approaching the Haishu district. The tunnel stretches along further under the main road of the city- Zhongshan Road- before crossing the Fenghua River to enter Jiangdong District. It proceeds to Ningbo East Town and terminates at Qiuga Town while plans are in place to extend the service further upto Beilun District.

Line 2 began operations just last year and offers service from the Lishe International Airport, uptil Qingshuipu. The line moves eastwards after commencing operations from the Lishe International Airport through underground tunnels. It passes the Ningbo Textile City as well the Ningo Railway Station. Further extension plans are already in motion to extend the line further into Xiaogang Township.

Line Terminals
Opened Newest Extension Length (km) Stations
Line 1 Gaoqiao West
Donghuan South Road
May 30, 2014 20.9 20
 Line 2 Lishe International Airport
September 26, 2015 28.4 22


Ningbo Rail Transit Map

Map of Ningbo Rail Transit showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Ningbo Rail Transit map in PDF.

Ningbo Rail Transit Resources


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