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Munich is one of the most attractive cities in Germany; it is well developed and has an efficient public transport system. Munich U-Bahn is an electric rail rapid transit network in Germany that is operated by the Munich transport company. The Munich U-Bahn started its operation in 1971 and were well integrated with the Munich transport company. Munich U- Bahn runs underground, while S-Bahn is the suburban trains. Munich has been developed as one of the best metro networks than any other metro cities. About 350,000 passengers use Munich metro every day, and Munich central station is the second largest train station in Germany.

Munich U-Bahn Lines

Munich U-Bahn Metro network runs 95 kilometers, and the train operates at a speed of 80km/hr. The metro operates continuously even during the night, and the metro remains closed on special occasions. Currently, Munich U-Bahn consists of seven lines serving 96 stations in total.

  • Munich U-Bahn Line U1 – The U1 metro trains runs between Olympia and Einkaufszentrum and the line operate underground. U1 started operating along with U2 in the beginning, and now it operates on a separate line. U1 route has a length of 12.2 km and the U1 line merges into the U2 track at Munchen Hauptbahnhof.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U2 – The underground route U2 runs between the route of the north of Feldmoching and Messestadt Ost. The route U2 has undergone so many changes that it was first called U8. This is the only line that runs through all three line families. The length of this route is 24.4 km.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U3 – Through U3 line the metro runs between Moosach and Furstenried West. Construction of U3 line was speeded up when the city hosted Olympic Summer Games in 1972. In 2010, U3 line was extended from Olympia Einkaufszentrum to Moosach and this new station makes the last one to be opened with a further extension plan.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U4 – The U4 line runs between Westendstrabe and Arabellapark. The route has only 9.3km, serving 13 stations. This is the only line that operates with 2 or 3 train set. During the evening from 21.00 hours, U4 line operates between Max-Weber-Platz and Arabellapark and further gets transferred to U5 heading towards the west.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U5 – The U5 line operates between Laimer Platz and Neuperlach Sud. The length of this route is 15.4km. U5 after reaching Westendstrabe shares the track with U4 towards Max-Weber-Platz.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U6 – The line U6 operates between Garching- Forschungszentrum and Klinikum Grobhadern. This is the oldest tunnel built line with a length of 27.4 km.
  • Munich U-Bahn Line U7 – The line U7 runs between Westfriedhof and Neuperlach Zentrum. This line was opened in December 2011.


Munich U-Bahn Map

Map of Munich U-Bahn showing various routes and stations is below.  Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also download the Munich U-Bahn Map PDF.

Munich U-Bahn Metro Map

Munich U-Bahn Hours

Munich U-Bahn starts running from 4.15 am and runs until 1.30 am during midnight. During rush hours, metro riders can get a metro train every 5 minutes and the rest of the day; the train comes at an interval of every 10 minutes. However, during weekends, the metro train run every half hour.

Munich U-Bahn Fare, Pass and Ticket 

Metro U-Bahn offers different ticket to the passengers such as single tickets, stripe tickets and day tickets. Single and partner day ticket are also available. A single ticket is good for a single person, and partner ticket is good for a family or a group. A day ticket will cost €2.60 and a single ticket will cost €1.30. A single day ticket will cost €5.80 and for 3 days it will cost €24.60. Ticket for one child aged between 6 and 14 years will cost €2.80 for 1 day.

Munich U-Bahn Parking

There are a number of parking lots available at each metro station. Direct parking facilities are very rare, and some stations offer parking facilities for more than 570 cars. The parking space is well marked and easy to find.

Munich U-Bahn Rules and Tips

Munich U-Bahn offers assistance to disabled passengers. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines and the same tickets can be used to train to tram to the bus. The ticket has to be validated before entering the station. If you are caught riding without a valid ticket, you will be required to pay fine €40. The metro train has an emergency call button to communicate with the driver and you can use it during emergency situations.

Munich U-Bahn  Resources

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