Mumbai Monorail

By | March 22, 2015
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Mumbai Monorail opened to the public on 2nd February, 2014 and is India’s first Monorail System.  Each train would have 4 coaches and carry up to 560 commuters. In its first phase, 8.8 Km line 1 would be functional between Chembur and Wadala.  In the Second Phase 11.20 KM long Line 2 would run from Wadala to Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk.

Mumbai Monorail Route

Line 1 of the Monorail in Mumbai will run from Wadala and Chembur in the eastern part of Mumbai and would cover the following Stations: Wadala, GTB Nagar, Antop Hills, Acharya Atre Nagar, Wadala Bridge, Dadar, Naigaon, Ambedkar Nagar, Mint Colory, Lower Parel , Chinchpokli , Jacob Circle, Chembur.

Mumbai Monorail Timing

Mumbai Monorail would run from 6 a.m. In the morning till 8 P.M everyday at a frequency of 15 minutes.

Mumbai Monorail Tickets

Mumbai monorail is offering the fare between Rs. 5 and Rs. 11

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    2 thoughts on “Mumbai Monorail

    1. Chandrakant solanki

      Which day start chembur to lowerparel phase 2

    2. vinayak sohoni

      आंबेडकर नगर बद्दल आक्षेप घेतला गेला आहे.कारण सदर ठिकाणी आंबेडकर नगर अस्तित्वात नाही, म्सदार ठिकाणी आंबेकर नगर जवळ आहे,तरीही जवळच असलेल्या हाफकिन, अथवा के.ई एम रुग्णालयाचे नाव न देण्यामागचे प्रयोजन काय? सदर नामफलक झाकला आहे? त्यात त्वरित योग्य ती सुधारणा करावी.
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