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The Moscow Metro is a rapid transit system serving people living in the neighboring town around Moscow, Russia. The Moscow metro system was opened in 1935, and it was the first underground railway system built in the Soviet Union. Moscow metro runs through a route of 313 km, and it serves 188 stations. Most stations are built underground, and the deepest one is at the Park Pobedy station. The state owns Moscow metro, and it carries 9 million passengers daily. Majority of metro lines run from the center of Moscow to the outward areas. It is the world’s second most heavily used transit system after Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The metro is built in a museum style of Russian history. The Moscow Metro is the third largest subway in the world.

Moscow Metro Lines

Moscow Metro consists of 12 lines and each line is identified by number, name and color.

  • Sokolnicheskaya – Line 1 was opened in 1935, and it is the oldest rapid transit system with a length of 26.1 km. The line serves 19 stations and the metro train service between Ulitsa Podbel’ skogo and Yugo Zapadnaya.
  • Zamoskvoretskaya – Line 2 was opened in 1938 and the length of this route is 39.8 serving 21 stations. Line 2 operates between Rechnoy Vokzal towards Alma- Atinskaya.
  • Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya – Line 3 was opened in 1938 and the length of this route is 45.1 serving 22 stations. Line 3 operates between Shchyolkovskaya and Pyatnitskoye Shosse.
  • Filyovskaya – Line 4 was opened in 1958, and the length of this route is 14.9km serving 13 stations. Line 4 operates between Aleksandrovskiy Sad and after reaching Kievskaya the metro runs towards two directions, Studencheskaya and Vystavochnaya.
  • Koltsevaya – Line 5 was opened in 1958, and the length of the route is 14.9 serving 13 stations. Line 5 operates between Park Kul’tury and Kievskaya.
  • Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya – Line 6 was opened in 1958, and the length of this route is 37.6 serving 24 stations. Line6 operates between Medvedkovo and Novoyasenevskaya.
  • Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya – Line 7 was opened in 1966 and the length of this route is 35.9km serving 19 stations. Line7 operates between Planernaya and Vykhino.
  • Kalininskaya – Line 8 was opened in 1979, and the length of this route is 16.3 serving 8 stations. Line8 operates between Tret’yakovskaya and Novokosino.
  • Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya – Line9 was opened in 1983, and the length of this route is 41.2 serving 25 stations. Line9 operates between Altuf’vevo and Bul’var Dmitriya Donskogo.
  • Lyublinsko- Dmitrovskaya - Line10 was opened in 1995, and the length of this route is 28.2km serving 17 stations. Line 10 operates between Marina Roshcha and Zyablikovo.
  • Kakhovskaya – Line 11 was opened in 1995 and the length of this route is 3.3km serving 3 stations. Line 11 operates between Kashirskaya and Kakhovskaya.
  • Butovskaya – Line 12 was opened in 2003 and the length of this route is 5.5km serving 5 stations. Line 12 operates between Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya and Buninskaya Alleya.

Moscow Metro Map

Map of Moscow Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also download Moscow Metro Map in PDF.

Moscow Metro Map

Moscow Metro Hours

Moscow metro operates from 5.30 am to midnight 1.00 am. The opening time of Moscow metro in different stations varies due to the arrival of the first metro. All stations get closed by 1.00am for maintenance. During peak hours, the interval between metro trains is 90 second during the morning and evening.

Moscow Metro Fare

Metro tickets are available at fixed number of trips. 1 metro ride will cost 30 rubles, and if passengers buy multiple trips, they will get a discount up to 33%. Children aged under 7 can have a free ride. Ticket check is done at the point of entry. Smart cards can be used for unlimited number of rides. 1 day smart card will cost 200 rubles and 30 days will cost 2200 rubles. 90 minutes tickets are available for a number of activations. For 1 day activation it will cost 50 rubles.

Moscow Metro Parking

Park and ride facilities are available for metro riders at each metro station. There are bicycle racks available at park and ride area near the metro station.

Moscow Metro Rules and Tips

Metro riders are not allowed to carry bulky luggage, fire weapons and bicycles. Small animals and birds can be carried in a container or cage. Passengers must pay a special luggage ticket to carry big items. Metro riders are not allowed to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages inside metro and the station. Passengers must stand away from the platform edge.

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