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The Milan Metro is an popular means of Public Transportation in  Milan,  Italy. The system began operations on 1st November 1964 and currently operates with 4 lines, serving 103 stations. The system stretches over a track length of 94.5 km and is Italy’s longest metro network. Most of the network’s stations are underground. The metro is further connected with the Suburban Rail Service. The operations are managed by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM). The expansion of the network is underway, with extension of Line 4, and addition of a new Line 5. These are expected to be completed before the 2015 Expo.

Milan Metro Map

Map of Milan Metro showing different lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download the Milan Metro Map PDF. Milan Metro Map Milan Metro  italy

Milan Metro Operating Hours and Schedule

The metro services start around 6 am till 12.30 am. The frequency between trains during peak hours is 2-3 minutes. On weekends and public holidays, the metro services start and end, later. During weekend nights, bus service is there that follow the metro route, and provide services to some of the metro stations.

Milan Metro Fare, Tickets and Pass

The metro offers different tickets and travel cards. The most basic is the Urban Ticket that costs € 1.50. These are for travel within Milan on the Milan city transport network, and are valid for 90 minutes after stamping. A carnet of 10 tickets costs €13.80. A one Day ticket can be purchased for €4.50, a Two day ticket for €8.25. An Evening ticket for travel after 8pm till end of service, costs €3.00.

Another type is the Extra Urban Tickets that have zone based pricing. A 1 zone ticket costs €1.55 and is valid for 60 minutes from stamping. A 2 zone ticket costs €2.30 and is valid for 90 minutes after stamping. A 3 zone and 4 zone ticket is for €2.95 and €3.70 respectively.

Various travel cards are available to suit the needs. A Weekly travel card costs €11.30 and allows unlimited travel between Monday to Sunday. A Monthly Travel card costs €35.00 and Yearly card €330.00. Travel cards at discounted rates are also available for students and seniors from the age of 60 for women, and 65 for men.

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Milan Metro Parking 

There are lots of parking facilities available near each metro station. The parking area is clearly marked with a white P in blue background. The park and run schemes are also available.

Milan Metro Rules and Tips

All stations and trains under the metro network have full HSDPA and UMTS connectivity. Stations are equipped with LED screens that give information about the incoming trains. In some of the trains, there are automated announcements in English and Italian, about the next station. The metro also provides car parking facility at various stations. The parking areas have allotted spaces for disabled and in some cases, parking areas are especially reserved for women drivers. These are called ‘pink’ spaces. The parking fees can be paid at the ticket machines or to an attendant. Weekly and yearly passes are also available.

Transport of bicycles in the metro is free. However, bikes are allowed after 8 pm till the end of service on all weekdays. These are allowed all day long on Saturdays and public holidays. In the month of August, bikes can be carried any time, on all days of the week. The bikes can be transported only in the carriages that are marked with a bike symbol.

Milan Metro Lines

Milan Metro consists of 4 lines which are identified by different numbers and colors. Metro lines M1, M3 and M5 are completely underground the M2 line has two surface branches, one at eastern end ad other at the southern end. Line M2 and M3 has an overhead power supply and line M5 is fully automatic. Metro line M4 is under construction and the line is scheduled to complete in 2015.

  • Line M1 – Line M1 is the first line opened in 1964 and this red line is operated by ATM. The M1 line is operated between Sesto Marelli and Lotto station. From the northern suburbs the line runs towards city center. The route is 27 km long serving 38 underground stations.
  • Line M2 – Line M2 is the subway line operated by ATM and this line is identified by a green sign. The metro train runs from southern to the northeastern parts of Milan through the city center. Line M2 is 39.4 km long and it serves 35 stations. M2 is the longest line running partially over the ground. The line was extended from Cascina Gobba towards Gorgonzola and after a few years, the line had been upgraded to a segregated route. After completing the southern Assago branch, metro trains operate between Cologno Nord and Assago Milanofiori Forum.
  • Line M3 – Metro line M3 is the subway line operated by ATM and the line is identified by the yellow color. The line connects from the southeastern parts of San Donato Milanese towards north western part of the city. The metro route is 17.1km long and it serves 21 stations.
  • Line M5 – the metro line M5 opened in 2013 and the length of this line is 4.1km. Through line M5 the metro train runs from north of Garibaldi F.S towards Bignami via Zara. Line M5 serves 19 stations.

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