Manila Light Rail Transit System

Manila Light Rail Transit System Information

Manila light rail transit system is popularly known as LRT and the rapid transit system serves the Metro Manila area, Philippines. Originally they used light rail vehicle through the track, but later the government started running metro system. The system is operated by Light Transit Authority and the system started operation in 1984. The length of the route is more than 31km serving 31 stations. The system serves 2.1 million passengers every day.

Manila Light Rail Transit System Lines

Currently the system offers services through 2 lines. The lines are recognized by color and name.

  • LRT Line 1 – Line 1 was opened in 1984 and this line is also called green line. The line runs north to south from Baclaran towards Santolan.
  • MRT Line 2 – The blue line started operation in 2004 and the metro runs east to west from Roosevelt towards Recto. The total length of this line is 16.8km and the line is popularly called metrostar. Both the lines are getting extended further. MRT 4 is under planning stage and MRT 7 is under construction.

Manila Light Rail Transit System Map

Map of Manila Light Rail Transit System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Manila Light Rail Transit System in PDF.


Manila Light Rail Transit System Hours

The LRT starts service from 5am until midnight. The train arrives at 3 minutes interval on weekdays. On weekends LRT offer service from 5am until 10.30 pm.

Manila Light Rail Transit System Fares

It is one of the least expensive rapid transit systems in south east Asia and fares are calculated based on distance travelled. Line 1 has two different fare structures. Fare ranges from 12 to 20 Philippine pesos depending upon the number of stations travelled to reach the destination. A single journey ticket will cost 12, 15 or 20 pesos. Stored value tickets will cost 12 to 19 pesos. Line 2 uses only single fare structure. To travel first 3 stations it will cost 12 pesos and 13 pesos to travel 4 to 6 stations. It will cost 15 pesos to travel entire line.

Manila Light Rail Transit System Rules and Tips

The rapid transit system offers a quick and inexpensive ride to the passengers. Passengers are not allowed to carry large luggages, open bottles and pointed objects in the metro. One is not allowed to ride under the influence of restricted drugs or alcohol. Pay attention to signage and warnings. Be careful with your belongings.

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