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By | June 4, 2016
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Kunming Rail Transit Information

Also referred to as the Kunming Metro, the Kunming Rail Transit is a rapid transit system in the capital city of the Chinese Yunnan Province, Kunming. A region that has been severely affected by traffic congestion, work on the development of this project began only in 2009 although the plans had been in place since 1990. June 2012 saw the first line- Line 6- being opened for commuter service. Currently, it has 2 operating lines, serving a total of 33 stations. Before the development of the nearly 60 km long metro network, Kunming was considered to be one of the largest cities in China, without a metro. It is operated by the Kunming Rail Transit Corporation with further expansion plans already underway.

Kunming Rail Transit Timings and Frequency

The Kunming metro works for nearly 12 hours a day, with its first train at 06:10 am in the morning and it’s last train at, 18:10 pm in the evening. The trains have a headway of about 25 minutes.
Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/yunnan/kunming/subway/

Kunming Rail Transit Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fare for the metro system is distance based. Upto 4 km, the price is CNY 2. For distances between 4-9 km, it costs CNY 3. It costs CNY 4 to travel distances between 9-16 km. Between 16-25 km, a ticket costs CNY 5 and between 25-36 km, a ticket costs CNY 6. A price of CNY 7 is the maximum, it’s the fare for travelling distance between 36-49 km.
Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/yunnan/kunming/subway/

Kunming Rail Transit Lines

Line Terminals
Opened Newest
Line 1, Line 2 North Bus Station
University Town South
2013 2014 40.4 31
Line 6 East Bus Station
Airport Center
2012 18.1 2

Initially there were plans to include only two lines on the Kunming Metro network but implementation delays saw the addition of four more lines to the plan. The first phase of the overall project comprises lines 1 and 2 in the network.
Line 1, running for a length of thirty-four kilometers, connects the Radio and Television University in the Chenggong New City of Kunming to the Kunming City Center. The zones of Chenggong and Kunming will have underground sections and the cost of the entire project along this stretch is expected to be around five billion dollars.
The twenty-two kilometer long Line 2 is expected to be the backbone of the transport network along the north-south route and will connect the southern Fubao Station to the North Bus Station.

The route length of lines 1 and 2 is expected to be around forty-two kilometers and will feature six stations over-ground and as many as twenty-five stations underground.

The other operational line so far is, Line 6. Serving just two stations, the East Bus Station and the Airport Center, it was the first line of the Kunming Rail Transit to begin operations. Currently, it is 18.8 km long and serving just 2 stations, however, with expansion plans already underway the line would extend to nearly 25 km, serving 4 stations in total.

Kunming Rail Transit Map

Map of Kunming Rail Transit showing various lines and stations.



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