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The Kolkata Metro is the rapid transit system serving the city of Kolkata and other districts, South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas. Kolkata metro was opened to the public in 1984. The metro is the first rapid transit underground system constructed in India. The metro belongs to the 17th zone of Indian railway and the network is serving the people in the state of West Bengal. Since 1970, no such technological development has been done by the rapid transit system. It was Dr. B.C Roy, the chief minister of West Bengal, in 1949 brought the idea for the first time about the construction of underground railways in Kolkata. They prepared a master plan of five metro lines for Kolkata, but only three were selected for construction. The selected lines were Dum Dum towards Tollygunge, Salt Lake City towards Ramrajatala and Dakshineshwar towards Thakurpukur.

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Kolkata Metro Lines

The Kolkata Metro network consists of 1 operational line, line1 and line2 is under construction with another four lines which are under planning stage. After the completion of all metro lines, the total length of the Kolkata metro will be 120.03.

  • Kolkata Metro Line 1 – Line 1 is the first operational line which started service in 1984 from Noapara towards Kavi Subhash. The length of this route is 28.14 serving 24 stations in total. 15 stations are built underground and it was the first underground railway to be built in India.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 2 – Line 2 is also known by the name east-west metro. The line connects Kolkata with Howrah by underwater metro line and this line will be constructed by the Kolkata metro rail corporation. Line2 is scheduled to be opened by September 2015 and the length of the route will be 14.67km. Line2 is planning to have 12 stations and the metro will provide service from Howrah Maidan towards Salt Lake Sector5. This would be the first underwater metro line in India. The metro is planning to run under the Hooghly river and transfer location will be located at Sealdah and Howrah.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 3 – Line 3 is under construction and the metro will be offering service from Joka towards Mahakaran. The length of the route will be 16.72km and line3 will be serving 13 stations.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 4 – Line 4 is under construction and the metro will be offering service from Noapara to Barasat. The length of the route will be 18.50 km and line 4 will be serving 9 stations.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 5 – Line 5 is under construction and the metro train will be offering service from Baranagar to Barrackpore. The length of the route will be 10km and line5 will be serving 5 stations.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 6 – Line 6 is under construction and the metro train will be offering service from Kavi Subash to Dum Dum airport station. The length of the route will be 32km and line6 will be serving 13 stations.

Kolkata Metro Map

Map of Kolkata Metro showing various lines and stations is below. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Kolkata Metro Map in PDF.

Kolkata Metro Map Kolkata Metro india

Kolkata Metro Timings

Kolkata metro starts service from 7am until 21.45 pm. During peak hours, metro riders will get a train at a frequency of 5 minutes and during non peak hours during weekdays, it will take 12 minutes to get a metro train. During weekdays, 270 numbers of train offer services to passengers.

Kolkata Metro Tickets, Fares and Cards

Kolkata metro has introduced with smart card system and the minimum fare is just Rs5. The maximum fare is Rs14 and passengers holding smart card will get 10% bonus on the overall value. The fare depends upon distance travelled. To buy a smart card you have to deposit Rs100 and metro riders can recharge the smart card from the machines. Another type of smart card is multi-ride cards which are of three types: medium for 12 rides, limited to 40 to 60 rides and extended for 80 rides. The New Kolkata Metro Farechart (2013) showing fares based on distance traveled is below:

Metro Zone

DISTANCE (Kilometers)


I upto 5 5.00
II 5.01–10 10.00
III 10.01–15 15.00
IV 15.01–20 15.00
V 20.01-25 20.00
VI 25.01 and above 25.00

Kolkata Metro Parking

Kolkata metro provides underground parking facility for passengers.

Kolkata Metro Rules and Tips

Kolkata metro provides reserved seats for women and senior citizens. The passengers must enter the platform with a ticket. All metro riders must hold each token and a single passenger can buy up to 7 tokens. Kolkata metro is going to rise up their fare after 13 years. The metro system supports mobile signals in underground tunnels. Taking photos, eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited inside the metro. All stations are equipped with metal detectors and X-ray baggage scanner.

Kolkata Metro Stations

The Names of stations on Line 1 of Kolkata Metro are :

  1. Dum Dum Metro Station
  2. Belgachhia Metro Station
  3. Shyambazaar Metro Station
  4. Shobhabazar Sutanuti Metro Station
  5. Girish Park Metro Station
  6. Mahatma Gandhi Road Metro Station
  7. Central Metro Station
  8. Chandni Chowk Metro Station
  9. Esplanade Metro Station
  10. Park Street Metro Station
  11. Maidan Metro Station
  12. Rabindra Sadan Metro Station
  13. Netaji Bhavan Metro Station
  14. Jatin Das Park Metro Station
  15. Kalighat Metro Station
  16. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station
  17. Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Station
  18. Netaji Metro Station
  19. Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station
  20. Gitanjali Metro Station
  21. Kavi Nazrul Metro Station
  22. Shahid Khudiram Metro Station
  23. Kavi Subhash Metro Station

Kolkata Metro Pictures

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