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By | June 4, 2016
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Kazan Metro Information

As one can gather from the name, the Kazan Metro service is a rapid-transit network serving the Russian city of Kazan in the Tatarstan Republic. This was the seventh Metro service to be opened in Russia while in terms of the Soviet Union region, it was the fifteenth service. Having commenced operation in the month of August in 2005, this is the latest Metro network in Russia. Despite running on just 1 line, the metro has an impressive annual ridership of 31.3 million (2013). The metro serves just 10 stations over a 15 km long route network.

Kazan Metro Map

Map of Kazan Metro showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Kazan Metro Map in PDF.

Kazan Metro Hours

Unlike in most other European cities, the Kazan Metro does not run late into the night. The metro runs between 06:00-00:00, midnight and has a headway of about 5 minutes.
Source: http://k-metro.ruz.net/english/index.html

Kazan Metro Fares

The cost for one ride on the Kazan metro is just 7 roubles.
Source: http://waytorussia.net/Kazan/Transport.html

Kazan Metro Services

Security is a major issue in most of the stations with CCTV cameras and private security units being implemented along the stretch. While travelling on the network, you are not allowed to indulge in professional photography. Announcements and communication of all information inside the Kazan Metro is carried out in three different languages- English, Tatar and Russian. Also, ATM’s are present in most of the stations.

Kazan Metro Parking

Parking facilities are available in few stations.

Kazan Metro Lines and Stations

The Kazan Metro, at present, is only a single-line service stretching for nearly fifteen kilometers with as many as ten stations along the way. As mentioned already, this is the newest and most modern of all Metro services in the country. Among some of its most noteworthy features were semi-automated train services and smart-card ticket facilities that were just coming into action across some of the Metro stations in the city of Moscow. As is the prevalent theme along all the Metro routes in the country, each station on the Kazan Metro features its very own architectural framework. While at present two stations are single-vault designs, a couple more feature pillar-spans. Moreover, one station stands on a flyover that features a combined glazed architecture.

The names of the 10 stations are:
● Aviastroitelnaya
● Severny Vokzal
● Yashlek
● Kozya Sloboda
● Kremlyovskaya
● Ploshchad Tukaya
● Sukonnaya Sloboda
● Ametyevo
● Gorki
● Prospekt Pobedy

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