12 Awe-Inspiring Facts About Delhi Metro

By | March 20, 2016
12 Awe-Inspiring Facts About Delhi Metro 4.00/5 1 vote

  1. Delhi, capital of Incredible India has the 12th largest Metro in the world, amazing isn’t?
  2. Planning for the Delhi metro started in 1984, but the actual physical construction started only after 14 years of intense planning and in 1998 work began.
  3. Phase 1 of the metro was completed by 2006, and Phase II in 2011.
  4. The Delhi metro ticket system has the arrangement which is very convenient for regular commuters,as they have the system of travel cards which can be frequently recharged, this permits the passenger to use the balance when required and also lets the passengers recharge a minimum value of 200 and a maximum value of 1000.
  5. They also have the system of tokens which is valid only for a day and it’s only one way, whereas the travel card is valid for a whole year the first recharge of the card is 150, in which 50 will be refunded. The travel card or the smart card has a lot of benefits, like, a token need not be taken every time we travel includes not standing in a Que, not only that but other family members can travel with the same travel card and the smart card requires no identification or address proof in order to be purchased.
  6. Delhi metro has this amazing system of automatic ticketing, making life easy. After the purchase of the token or the card the passenger can proceed to one of the several gates, the gates automatically open if the ticket is valid.
  7. Delhi metro railways, have their very own custumer care service, the costumer care executives are always available to help.
  8. Delhi metro has a very spacious parking system and even the charges are very cheap and affordable
  9. Delhi metro also has feeder buses, priced at 5 rupees for 4 kilometers and 15 rupees for 10 kilometers and above. cheap aren’t they?
  10. An astonishing support that the Delhi metro provides is the yellow strip on the floor, which guides visually disabled people directly either to the lift or to the exit.
  11. One of the most well planned railway systems India has ever seen is the Delhi metro because their escalators have guard which stops loose clothing from getting trapped.
  12. They not only have assistance for visually disabled people, but they have wheelchairs for physically disabled as well which is placed right at the entrance.Delhi metro is an amazingly well planned railway network convenient for all the passengers travelling, this is just a glimpse of those extraordinary planning.


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