Epping to Chatswood Railway Line

By | November 25, 2015

Epping to Chatswood Railway Line Information

Initially designed as a section of the Parramatta Rail Link, the Epping to Chatswood Railway Line serves the northern suburbs in the city of Sydney, Australia. It is essentially a connecting link between the region of Chatswood on the North Shore Line and Epping suburb on the Northern Line.

It was in the month of February, 2009 that operations on this new rail link finally commenced. For four months, passengers could travel free of cost on the service before the turnstiles were introduced and commuters had to go back to buying tickets for their travels as usual. For those whose journeys brought them from beyond this rail link, suitable adjustments were made to their travel fares.

Plans are in place to integrate this railway link with the North-West Rail Link, constructions of which are said to have been started. Once the project is completed, commuters are likely to patronise the railway service in the region once again.

Epping to Chatswood Railway Line Map

Map of Epping to Chatswood Railway Line (in black) showing its stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Epping to Chatswood Railway Line Map in PDF.

Epping to Chatswood Railway Line Stations

Stretching over thirteen kilometers, the line runs completely underground and features three intermediate stations along the route that have been newly opened: Macquarie University, Macquarie park and North Ryde. The Epping and Chatswood Junctions had to undergo large scale renovations in order to facilitate the inclusion of this railway link.

Epping to Chatswood Railway Line Resources

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