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Docklands Light Railway Information

Docklands light railway is the light rail system that serves the population living in Dockland area of London. The rapid transit system was opened in 1987 and it offer services to 7 separate route. The total length of the route is 34 km and the metro train operates at a speed of 80 km/hr. Dockland light railway system is used by 300,000 riders daily. The rapid transit system reaches north to south and from west to east. The automated light rail system uses only minimal staff on trains. The light rail system is owned by Docklands light railway and they have extended their route several times. The Dockland light railway system is one of the greatest public transportation system used by the inhabitants living in Dockland area of London. The rapid transit system offers higher level of reliability and passenger satisfaction. It is one of the most advanced automatic train control system which moves faster than any other UK railways.

Docklands Light Railway Lines

Currently the light railway system offer services to 7 routes serving 45 stations. The seven following route that offer normal services are :

  • The light railway system offer service from Bank to Lewisham
  • The second route the light railway line that offer service is from Bank to Woolwich Arsenal
  • The third route light railway lines offer service is from Stratford to Canary Wharf
  • The fourth route the light railway system that offer service during peak mornings from Monday to Friday is from Stratford to Lewisham
  • The fifth route the railway line offer service during weekdays and weekends at off-peak timings is from Stratford International to Beckton.
  • The sixth route that offers service on weekday’s peak hour only is from Stratford International to Woolwich.
  • The seventh route, the light railway system that offers service is from Tower Gateway towards Beckton.

Sometimes additional shuttle services are also provided from Canning Town to Prince Regent when exhibition are progressed at Excel Exhibition Centre.

Docklands Light Railway Map

Map of Docklands Light Railway System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Docklands Light Railway PDF Map.

Docklands Light Railway Map

Dockland Light Railway Hours

Dockland light railway system operates from 5.30am to 12.30 am from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays the light rail system operates from 7.00am to 11.30pm. From Monday to Friday trains are available at an interval of 3 and half minutes during peak times. During off-peak times, trains are available at an interval of 7 minutes. During weekends train run every 10 minute.

Dockland Light Railway Fare, Tickets and Cards

Dockland light railway system is a part of London fare zone system and travel cards are also valid on the system. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines before entering the platform. Pre-paid oyster cards are an effective method for travelling the light rail system. A single ride on Dockland light railway system will cost you £4.50. Passengers can buy one day, monthly and longer period travel cards. A single ride using oyster card will cost you £2.10. Travel cards for 7 day ride will cost you £30.40 and monthly ride will cost you £116.80. If you meet specific age criteria you will get freedom pass. Freedom pass are also issued to blind and disabled passengers. Concession fare rates are offered to students aged above 18 years. Children under 5 years of age can travel free.

Dockland Light Railway Parking

The Dockland light railway offer park and ride facilities to passengers along the route. Local park and ride spaces are available at different stops.

Dockland Light Railway Rules and Tips

The light railway operates driverless system and the system operates in zones 1,2,3 and 4. Oyster cards are the cheapest way to pay single journey. You must validate tickets before entering station. The system provides step free entrance and exit to passengers at all stations and trains. Disabled passengers can use folded wheelchairs in train. Passenger alarms are placed at all stations and trains. Folded bikes are allowed to carry any time in any public transport system. Passengers can accompany guide dogs on light rail system. Small pets have to be carried in carriage. Smoking and drinking are not allowed in Dockland public transport system. The whole system is computer operated and there are train captains to check ticket. There are connected trains available to central London and Kent.

Dockland Light Railway Resources

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