Daegu Metro

By | May 21, 2016
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Daegu Metro Information

The Daegu Metro service is a subway transportation network that serves the people of  Daegu, South Korea. Presently, it has 2 rapid lines and 1 monorail line under operations. This 81.2 km rail, serves nearly 90 stations in total. The metro system began operations in the year 1997 and is operated by the Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation.

Daegu Metro Timings and Schedule

The metro begins operations from 05:30 am in the morning and runs till about 00:00 am, midnight everyday. For a detailed schedule of the trains, for each of the three lines, you can visit the official website at: http://www.dtro.or.kr/open_content_new/en/user_guide/timetable/

Daegu Metro Lines

The two lines are distinctly marked by different colors to make it easier for recognition.

  • The Red Line or Line 1 travels between Ansim and Daegok.
  • The Green Line (Line 2) is in operation between Yeongnam University and Munyang.

There is also a monorail with 30 stations between KNU Medical Center and Yongji.

Daegu Metro Fares, Tickets, and Cards

In order to travel by the Daegu Metro, you need to purchase the tickets from either a customer service booth or ticket vending machines. Do not throw away the tickets after you enter the station as you will need them even at the time of exit. For Adults, a fare of 1,200 won applies when using a token and 1,100 won while using transportation cards. Children can travel at 400 won using  RF card and 500 won while using a token.

Type Fare(won>
RF Card Prepay Regular 1,100
Juveniles 770
Children 400
Deferred pay Regular 1,100
Regular Tickets (Tokens) Regular 1,200
Children 500

More on :  http://www.dtro.or.kr/open_content_new/en/user_guide/fare_ticket/

Daegu Metro Map

Map of Daegu Metro showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Daegu Metro Map in PDF.

Daegu Metro Resources


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