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By | May 21, 2016
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Copenhagen S-train Information

The city of Copenhagen is served by two rail networks, the metro and the S-train. The S-train is an urban rail network which began operations in the year 1934. Today, the line covers 7 lines, serving 85 stations, over a 170 km system of networks. The line connects the center to the suburbs of the city, making it a popular means of public transportation in Copenhagen. Together with the metro system, it serves nearly half a million people on a daily basis. It is owned and operated by DSB s-tog, who make sure it is one of the cleanest and most well kept modes of public transport.

Copenhagen S-train Lines

The Copenhagen S-train has 7 lines serving 85 stations. Out of these 7 lines, Line H works only during peak hours, the rest are operational at other times as well.

Name Southern end Runs when Northern end
All stops to Hundige, Køgebugtbanen Daytime Nordbanen Limited stops to Holte, then all stops to Hillerød
every second train continues to Solrød Strand
All stops to Hundige Evening
All stops to Høje Taastrup Vestbanen All day Hareskovbanen All stops to Farum
Bx Limited stops to Høje Taastrup Vestbanen Morning (Terminates at Østerport)
All stops to Ballerup, Frederikssundbanen Daytime Klampenborgbanen All stops to Klampenborg
every second train continues to Frederikssund
All stops to Ballerup Evening
Limited stops to Hundige, then all stops to Køge Køgebugtbanen All day Nordbanen All stops to Holte
All stops to Ny Ellebjerg Ringbanen All day Ringbanen All stops to Hellerup
H Limited stops to Frederikssund Frederikssundbanen All day Hareskovbanen Farum during rush hour, otherwise Østerport

Copenhagen S-train Map

Map of Copenhagen S-train showing various routes and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also download the Copenhagen S-train Map in PDF.


Copenhagen S-Train Timings, Frequency and Schedule

The timings and frequency of the trains differ with the days, as well as time of the days. Generally, it begins operations at about 5:00 am in the morning and works till approximately 1:00 am, the next day. During daylight, the S-train has a headway of about 10 minutes, which extends to 20 minutes during late night/early morning hours. The frequency on Line F and Line H are slightly different. Trains on Line F, run every 5 minutes with the exceptions of weekends, on which they have a headway of 10 minutes. The frequency of trains on Line H does not differ with the day nor the time of the day, trains arrive every 20 minutes.

For information regarding the schedules of the S-train service, you can view the timetable at their official website of:

Copenhagen S-train Fare Zones, Tickets and Cards

All the public transport system in Copenhagen operates on a zone system and the smallest ticket will cost 24K for two zone ride. You can purchase tickets from vending machines and ticket offices. Children under the age of eleven can travel for free. 2 and 3 zone tickets are valid for 1 hour. Zone tickets costs between 24 DKK and 108 DKK. A 10 trip ticket will cost DKK 150. A 24 hour ticket will cost DKK 130.  For information about the fare zones click here.

Copenhagen S-train Parking

Passengers can park their vehicles at most S-train stations. There are dozens of city parking lots available outside most stations.

Copenhagen S-Train Pictures

Copenhagen S-train Rules and Tips

Passengers are allowed to carry bikes and baby carriages for free of charge. Small pets and service dogs can also ride for free on S-train. Bigger pets will be required to take tickets and they are not allowed to be placed on seats. Passengers must validate their ticket before entering the station. The S-train stations are equipped with free WI-Fi facility for passengers.

Copenhagen S-train Resources

  1. Copenhagen S-train on Wikipedia
  2. Official website of Copenhagen S-Train

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    1. Jeff Martin

      I will be travelling to Herfolge from Central Copenhagen and return. I wiil go by S train to Koge and then train to Herfolge. Could you tell me please what ticket I will need for each leg of my journey. I will be travelling on 6 July and want to arrive in Herfolge by 17.00 and return to Copenhagen after 20.00.


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