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Bucharest metro is a rapid transit system that serves Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The system began operations on 19th November 1979, and presently has 4 lines (1 line is under construction and 1 is planned) that serve 51 stations.  10 stations are under construction and 15 are planned. The system has a total track length of 69.25 km (43 miles). The metro system is operated by Metrorex, which is owned by the Romanian Government. As per 2012 statistics, the system had an average daily ridership of 473,000 passengers and an annual ridership of 172.6 million passengers.

Bucharest Metro Map

Map of Bucharest Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to Enlarge it. You can also Download Bucharest Metro Map in PDF.

Bucharest Metro Map Bucharest Metro romania

Bucharest Metro Hours

The metro service starts operations at 5:00 am and runs until 11:00 pm, on all days. The frequency between trains during peak hours on lines 1, 3 and 4 is 6-7 minutes, and 3-5 minutes on line 2. For the remaining part of the day, the frequency on lines 1 and 3 is 8 minutes, on line 2 is 9 minutes, and on line 4 is 10 minutes.

Bucharest Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fare payments can be made using magnetic stripe cards and RFID contactless cards. The magnetic stripe cards however, cannot be used on buses, trolleys and trams, whereas RFID cards can be used on the RATB ground network as well. The RFID cards can be purchased from RATB kiosks. This system is called CARD ACTIV.

The RFID cards are personalized as well non-personalized. The non-personalized cards can be purchased by paying a small fee and are transferable or can be used by anyone. The personalized cards however are free, but can only be used by the person whose name and personal identifications code is imprinted on the card. In order to user Card Activ on the metro, the riders must purchase credit or a pass. The cards are rechargeable and can be recharged through kiosks or online. The card however has a limitation, that the full fare of 2 RON is deducted from the stored credit whenever the card is used at the metro network entry regardless of how many times a passenger enters the metro network in a given interval of time. It is reported that Activ cards will not be used on metro from Spring 2014.

The magnetic stripe cards can be purchased at the metro stations. A 2 trip card can be purchased for 4 RON and a 10 trip card for 15 RON. For unlimited rides on the metro network for one day, a 1 day card can be purchased for 6 RON. Riders can also purchase a weekly pass for 20 RON. This pass can be used for unlimited rides on the metro network for seven consecutive days. A monthly pass provides unlimited rides for duration of one month and costs 60 RON. A 62 trip monthly pass costs 50 RON. Students of Romanian universities can also avail discounts by purchasing unlimited student monthly pass and 62 trip student monthly pass that cost 30 RON and 25 RON respectively.

Senior citizens over 70 years of age can ride the metro for free.

Bucharest Metro Parking

Free park and ride facilities are available at most metro stations. The park and ride lots remained open during metro hours.

Bucharest Metro Rules and Tips

Transit of bicycles is allowed in the metro system. Carrying of explosives or imflammable substances is prohibited. Video filming and photography is prohibited inside the metro network. Most of the metro stations provide free park and ride facility to the passengers. The metro can get crowded during peak hours.

Bucharest Metro Lines

Currently Bucharest metro system has four lines serving 45 stations. The metro lines are recognized by its color and sign.

  • Bucharest Metro M1 line – M1 was the first line opened to the public in 1979 and the metro operates between Dristor and Pantelimon. The line is circular with north-eastern spur and some parts of the tracks are shared with M3. The track is 3367 km long and the metro line is operated by two car shuttle train.
  • Bucharest Metro M2 line – M2 line started operation in 1986 and the metro operates between Pipera and Berceni. The metro runs through this line towards north-south direction crossing the center. M2 line is 187km long.
  • Bucharest Metro M3 line – M3 line started operation in 1983 and the metro operates between Preciziei and Anghel Saligny. The metro runs east to west direction and it shares some part of M1 lines. M3 line is 883km long.
  • Bucharest Metro M4 line – M4 line started operation in 2000 and the metro operates between Gara de Nord and Parc Bazilescu and the line is planning to extend further towards Lac Straulesti.
  • Bucharest Metro M5 line – M5 line is under construction and they are planning to open the line to the public by 2015. M5 line is planning to serve between Raul Doamnei and Pantelimon. The length of this route will be 18km serving 19 stations.
  • Bucharest Metro M6 –  This line is under planning stage and the line will serve between the Gara de Nord and Henri Coanda International Airport. Bucharest metro is also planning another two lines, M7 and M8. M7 is supposed to run from Bragadiru towards Voluntari. An extension for M3 is also under planning stage.

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