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Bucharest Metro is the underground railway network run by Metorex. The rapid transit railway system serves the inhabitants living in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Bucharest metro is one of the most efficient network system used by 170.5 million passengers per year. The metro network is 69.25km long serving 51 stations. Bucharest metro is fully owned by the Romanian government and the entire network runs underground. The metro system is one of the efficient underground railway networks that serve 650,000 daily passengers in and the surrounding areas of Bucharest. It is the quickest and cheapest way to get around the city. The first section was opened in 1979 and so many stations of Bucharest metro are home for the enormous industrial plant. The extensive public transport system is improving, providing clean and reliable services to the population living in Bucharest.

Bucharest Metro Lines

Currently Bucharest metro system has four lines serving 45 stations. The metro lines are recognized by its color and sign.

  • Bucharest Metro M1 line – M1 was the first line opened to the public in 1979 and the metro operates between Dristor and Pantelimon. The line is circular with north-eastern spur and some parts of the tracks are shared with M3. The track is 3367 km long and the metro line is operated by two car shuttle train.
  • Bucharest Metro M2 line – M2 line started operation in 1986 and the metro operates between Pipera and Berceni. The metro runs through this line towards north-south direction crossing the center. M2 line is 187km long.
  • Bucharest Metro M3 line – M3 line started operation in 1983 and the metro operates between Preciziei and Anghel Saligny. The metro runs east to west direction and it shares some part of M1 lines. M3 line is 883km long.
  • Bucharest Metro M4 line – M4 line started operation in 2000 and the metro operates between Gara de Nord and Parc Bazilescu and the line is planning to extend further towards Lac Straulesti.
  • Bucharest Metro M5 line – M5 line is under construction and they are planning to open the line to the public by 2015. M5 line is planning to serve between Raul Doamnei and Pantelimon. The length of this route will be 18km serving 19 stations.
  • Bucharest Metro M6 –  This line is under planning stage and the line will serve between the Gara de Nord and Henri Coanda International Airport. Bucharest metro is also planning another two lines, M7 and M8. M7 is supposed to run from Bragadiru towards Voluntari. An extension for M3 is also under planning stage.

Bucharest Metro Map

Map of Bucharest Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to Enlarge it. You can also Download Bucharest Metro Map in PDF.


Bucharest Metro Hours

Bucharest metro starts operation from 5am until 11 pm every day. During rush hours on line 1,3 and 4 metro trains are available at an interval of 6 to 7 minutes and on line 2 it will take 3 to 5 minutes, to get metro train. The rest of the day on line 1 and 3, metro train is available at 8 minutes interval. On line2 it takes 9 minutes to get metro train and on line 4 it takes 10 minutes.

Bucharest Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The metro train gets crowded during morning and rush hours. The metro network offers magnetic stripe card and RFID contactless cards for passengers to travel in public transport system. The magnetic stripe card can be purchased from metro stations, but they are not valid to use on trams and buses. For 2 day trip it will cost you 4 RON using trip cards. 1 day card will cost you 6 RON and 10 trip cards will cost you 15 RON. Unlimited weekly pass, monthly pass and student’s monthly pass are available at a price of 20 RON, 60 RON and 30 RON. Senior citizens above 70 years of age can have a free ride.

Bucharest Metro Parking

Free park and ride facilities are available at most metro stations. The park and ride lots remained open during metro hours.

Bucharest Metro Rules and Tips

During the metro trip, passengers must hold a valid ticket. Passengers can carry bicycles in metro network on working days. It is illegal to bring dangerous substance in metro stations. Taking photos and filming within the metro network is strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to stand in gangway area. Passengers must hold their luggage’s within their hand. Small birds can be carried in proper cage and carrying animals within the metro is forbidden.

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