Best Brandy Brands In India

By | August 28, 2016
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1. Honeybee:
• Honeybee brandy is owned by The United Spirits which is based in Bangalore and available across India.
• This brandy is known for the smooth taste and equally famous richness.
• Honeybee brandy is enriched with Honey which gives it a smoother and better finish.
• The masses are fond of the highly enriched brandy. It has led the way of high growth and sale of the brandy brands in recent years and made the Honey Bee as one of the best brands.
• If one is looking for quality as well as affordability, then Honey Bee is one of the best in the market.
• The sales growth has been phenomenal as well for the brand and it is still growing at a rapid speed that shows the popularity of the brand.
2. Old admiral
• This is one of the best and high selling brandy brands in India.
• This is a product from the Radico Khaitan which is based in New Delhi. This brand is not only known for the unique taste but also for its consistency.
• Old admiral has maintained the reputation and the unique taste since a long time.
• Along with being very popular among the masses, this is also has one of the highest sales amongst brandy brands in India.
• This brandy is readily available in all parts of the country with reasonable rates making it more popular.
3. Mansion house
• This is one of the most popular brands in India.
• This is a product from the Tilaknagar industries which has its headquarters in Mumbai, the brand is known for overwhelming popularity.
• As far as the taste is concerned this has the superiority over the other and is very affordable as well.
• It has its own unique aroma and flavor.
• The high market share and growing sales give the indication of the popularity of the brandy brand.
• The brand is mostly available throughout India including rural areas and that make it even better.
4. McDowell’s No 1
• McDowell’s No 1 is undisputed king of the market since many years
• This brand is a product from the United Breweries which is based in Bangalore.
• It has a market share of around 51% which shows its popularity with the consumers. This is readily available in the market and is considered as the king of the market.
• The high amount of sales gives the high indication of the popularity of the market. This is affordable and equally available throughout India.
5. Morpheus
• Morpheus is brandy that is blended in the land of maharajas and nawabs- India.
• It contains the texture of warm soils and fragrant scents and all the richness of tropical weather of India,
• This brandy is bottled liquid gold and has opulent copper tone and lush aroma.
• Morpheus Brandy was awarded the Gold Medal at Monde Selection Award in 2010 and 2011.
• Morpheus is a brandy for those who realize the finer things in life.
6. Dreher
• Dreher is owned by Gruppo Campari, an Italian company that produces the top quality Brandy..
• This is made with huge care and exclusively fruit fermentation is observed preserved in the specially designed Oak barrels to enrich quality.
• The classic caramel adds, even more, flavor to the brandy.
• This is very popular in India and generates huge growth in sales across India. The brandy is affordable and equally tasty.
• This brandy is considered as one of the top 5 best brandy brands for the incredible taste and equally high quality.

7. Bejois Napoleon
• This brandy is specially made with 5-year old grapes that specially imported from France.
• It is distilled in Bangalore
• The grapes are fermented and distilled in French potstills and matured to perfection in Oak barrels.
• It comes with a unique handmade bell shaped glass bottle.
• This is available across all alcohol outlets in India.

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