Bangkok Metro (MRT)

Bangkok Metro System Information

The Bangkok metropolitan region of Thailand is being served by the  underground MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) System and the elevated BTS Skytrain. The first sections of MRT opened to the public in the year 2004. MRT is a part of the Bangkok rail transportation infrastructure and is locally known as the underground train or  metropolitan electric train. Blue line was the first line of  Bangkok Metro and it opened between Hua Lamphong and Bang Sue Metro Station. Bangkok Metro serves more than 240,000 passengers each day and has 18 operational stations. Currently 19, three car metro trains are being used by Bangkok Metro Service. Passengers can interchange for the Bangkok Skytrain at Si Lom, Sukhumvit and Chatuchak Park Station. Bangkok is a low lying place which is prone to flooding, so all metro stations are built above the ground level.The stations of Bangkok Metro have lifts and ramps that provide easy access to disabled passengers using a wheelchair. For Passenger safety platform screen doors and security cameras are installed at every station.

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Bangkok Metro Lines / Bangkok Metro Routes

Bangkok Metro is designed to run on the following 5 routes:

  • Bangkok Metro Blue line

The Blue Line of Bangkok Metro is the only one line in service and it runs eastward from Bang Sue station along Kamphaeng Phet and to Hua Lamphong Satation. The blue line is 21km it operates underground.

  • Bangkok Metro Purple line

The Purple Line of Bangkok Metro which is under construction is from Bang Yai to Rat Burana. The metro will cover 40 kms underground and this line is expected to get completed by 2014.

  • Bangkok Metro Orange line

The Orange Line will be running from station Min Buri to Bang Khun Non 35.4 km.

  • Bangkok Metro Yellow line

The Yellow Line is from Lal Phrao to Samut Prakan Station.

  • Bangkok Metro Pink line

The Pink Line will cover 35 km from Saen Saep to Ngamwongwan Road intersection.

Bangkok Metro Map

The Line Map of Bangkok Metro System showing Various Stations, Route Lines and Interchange Stations is shown below. Click the Map to Zoom and see the Enlarged Version.You can also Download Bangkok Metro Map PDF and print it for use in future.

Bangkok Metro Map, Map of Bangkok Metro, Bangkok MTR Map

Bangkok Metro Interactive Map

Bangkok Metro Hours

The Bangkok Metro trains operate from 6.00am to midnight daily. Currently only 19 trains are in service and they run at a frequency of less than 5 minutes during peak hours and less than 10 minutes during off peak hours.

Bangkok Metro Fares, Tickets and Smart Cards

The ticketing system uses technology with round black tokens issued for single trip and stored value cards for frequent travelers. Apart from token, there are two types of smart cards available.

  • The rechargeable cards are for students aged not over than 23 and they will get a 10 % discount. There is a 50 % discount for children aged not more than 14 and having a height between 91 to 120 centimeters. Elderly people aged 60 years will also get 50% discount on ticket fare.
  • The unlimited travel card is issued for a fixed amount for one, three and thirty days. Each of them will cost 120 Baht, 230 Baht and 1,400 Baht.

Single journey token is available for adults within a price range of 16 Baht to 40 Baht. The single journey tokens for elders and small children will cost from 8Baht to 20 Baht. Small children below 14 years of age can enjoy a free ride. The discounted prices can be availed while issuing tickets from the ticket selling counter. Please note that sometimes you may be asked to produce an Identification proof in order to secure a discount.

Bangkok Metro Parking 

Multi storey parking and riding facilities are available at Lat Phrao and Thailand Cultural Event Metro Station. Those who park their vehicles at this premise will be issued an additional contactless smart card and they have to be electronically stamped at the destination station. Tokens and cards are available from the booth.

Bangkok Metro Rules and Tips

The escalators at Bangkok Metro System are much faster than the regular escalators, so one must be careful while using them. Don’t let children use escalators alone and don’t take Prams and luggage on escalators. Never move reverse while passing through the gate and passengers must stand back from platform screen doors. Mind the gap between the train and platform screen doors.

Bangkok Metro Resources:

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