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By | May 14, 2016
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Athens Metro Map

Map of Athens Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it Download Athens Metro Map in PDF.

Athens Metro Information

The Athens metro serves the Athens conurbation and parts of East Attica in Greece. The system began operations in the year 1904 and presently has 3 lines that serve 65 stations. The total system length is 84.7 km. The operations of the system are managed by Urban Rail Transport Company (STASY), which is a subsidiary of the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA).The Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP), which was a conventional steam railway, was electrified and incorporated in Line 1, in 1904. Buses, trams and taxis form other important means of public transportation in Athens.

Athens Metro Hours

The metro services start operation at 5 am on Line 1 and 6.30 am on Lines 2 and 3. The services end at around 11.30 pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, the services are extended and end around 2.30 am.

Athens Metro Fare, Ticket and Card

Starting from the 1st of February 2016, there is a new fare system for the Athens Metro. The good news being that holders of old tickets can use them till the 30th of June 2016. The tickets are split up on the basis of hours.

The 90 minutes ticket for all modes of transport costs €1.40, with the reduced price being  €0.60.

The 24-hour ticket for all modes of transport costs  €4.5 and the 5-day ticket for all modes costs  €9.00. There is no reduced price for both these tickets.

The 3-day tourist ticket costs  €22.0 and this ticket too, has no reduced price.

Children of the ages of 6 along with disabled people have the privilege of travelling for free.

For more information on the prices of tickets you can visit:

Athens Metro Parking

Park and ride facilities are available for metro riders in three stations Sygrou-Fix, Halandri and Nomismatokopio at relatively low cost. They offer metro passengers open air and underground parking facility on a 24 hour basis. They discourage long term parking and metro riders has to pay parking fees per hour.

Athens Metro Rules and Tips

Small pets are allowed if they are inside hand held carriers. Guide dogs are allowed with visually impaired people. Bicycles are allowed on all days of the week, during all hours. The bikes are not allowed during certain events when the ridership is expected to be high. Smoking, eating and consumption of alcohol are prohibited within the metro network. Carrying of inflammable and dangerous items is prohibited.

The metro also provides park and ride facility at various stations. This facility is available for a fee. Special parking rates are given to persons holding a special Discount card and to persons holding valid metro tickets.

Athens Metro Line

Athens metro has three lines opened to the public and the rest five lines are only proposed. Line 2 and 3 are further extended, and some extended lines are still under construction. The lines can be recognized by their color.

Line Map colour Route
Line 1 Green Piraeus – Kifisia
Line 2 Red Anthoupoli – Elliniko
Line 3 Light Blue+ Agia Marina – Doukissis Plakentias/Airport

Athens Metro  Proposed Lines

  • Athens Metro Line 4 is the proposed orange colored line, and the metro train is planned to run through the route between Petroupoli and Ethniki Odos. Line 4 will be serving 29 stations and the length of the route would be 33.0km.
  • Athens Metro Line 5 or blue line is a proposed line where the metro train will run between Fyli and Nea Elvetia.
  • Athens Metro Line 6 is the proposed pink colored metro line that will be doing service between Amalia Fleming and Vryoni/ Perama.
  • Athens Metro Line 7 is the yellow colored proposed metro line which is planning to do service between Chaidari and Poseidonos.
  • Athens Metro Line 8 is the proposed brown line and the service route is not yet decided.

Athens Metro Pictures

Athens Metro News

  • On 25 September 2014, Michalis Chrysochoidis, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Works announced that the work on the first phase of Line 4 of Athens Metro will commence from the end of 2015.  The new line would have 14 stations spread over 13 Kms . They will be built at a budget of 1.2 billion euros and would take about seven years to complete.  The first phase would run between Veikou Park and Goudi, and is expected to serve 220,000 commuters everyday.

Athens Metro Resources

  1. Athens Metro on Wikipedia
  2. Official Website of Athens Metro

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