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Amsterdam Metro is a mixed rapid transit system that serves people living in the surrounding area of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The light rail system is owned by the city of Amsterdam and they started constructing the metro system in 1968. Many of the existing tram lines were replaced while constructing metro lines. 106 sets of trains are used on Amsterdam metro. The capital city of Netherland serves 1.3million inhabitants every year with its public transit system. The metro system is the combination of full metro and rapid trams and it mainly runs through the surface. All the metro routes run through the underground route within the city center and only few line shares tracks with each other. Most of the metro lines touch the residential areas outside the city center and Amsterdam metro is one of the most popular public transport system used by the people living in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Metro Lines

Currently there are four metro lines starting from Amsterdam Central and most lines connects city center. The public transit system is straightforward and convenient to use. The four metro lines are recognized by its name, number and color.

  • Amsterdam Metro Line 50 - Ring line – line 50 operates between Isolatorweg and Gein serving 20 stations. Line 50 was opened in 1997 and it provides a fast connection between south and west for the passengers to travel to the city center. The line is built fully on the surface joining line 51 at station Zuid and later turns to south joining line 54.
  • Amsterdam Metro Line 51 – Amstelveen line – line 51 operates between Westwijk and Amsterdam central serving 29 stations. Line 51 was opened in 1990 and the metro line shares track with line 50. In 2004, the line was further extended, a 2kms adding three new stations.
  • Amsterdam Metro Line 52 – Noord/Zuid line – Line 52 is under construction and planning to get opened in 2017. The line is planning to serve 8 stations.
  • Amsterdam Metro  Line 53 – Gaasperplas line – Line 53 operates between Gaasperplas and Amsterdam central serving 14 stations. The line was opened in 1977 and after three years the line was extended towards central station. 4 car trains are used to run through this line during off peak season.
  • Amsterdam Metro  Line 54 – Gein line – Line 54 operates between Gein and Amsterdam central serving 15 stations. Line 54 was opened in 1977 and later the line was extended and 1 more station was added in 1982. 6 car trains are used to run through this line during peak hours.

Amsterdam Metro Map

Map of Amsterdam Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also download Amsterdam Metro Map in PDF.

Map of Amsterdam Metro

Amsterdam Metro Map

Amsterdam Metro Hours

Amsterdam metro services start operating from 6am until midnight 12.30 am. During peak hours metro trains through line 53 and 54, are available at an interval of 10 minutes. Some metro trains end their run before midnight while others will reach the station late by 1am.

Amsterdam Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The metro riders can purchase tickets from vending machines which are found in any metro stations. The one trip chip card is valid for 1 hour only. A single metro journey will cost you €2.80. If you want to enjoy cheap journey purchase OV-chipkaart. Multi day cards and refillable cards are also available to purchase at each metro station. If you are planning to make five or more journeys OV chipkaart will the best option. If you want unlimited travel option, you can purchase a 24 hour ticket at a rate of €7.50. There are also tickets available valid for 48 and up to 168 hours. GVB day passes are valid on metros and can travel from 1 to 7 days and the travel will cost you €7.50.

Amsterdam Metro Parking

Most metro stations offer park and ride facilities to the metro riders. The P1 parking garage offers discounts for parking vehicles at metro stations. You will be required to pay parking fees to use the park and ride service. The public transport smart card can also be used to park your vehicle at metro stations.

Amsterdam Metro Rules and Tips 

The 26 mile long Amsterdam metro is the main means of public transport within the city. The transit rail system is fast and reliable means of transportation. Passengers must enter the metro station only after validating their chip card and if metro riders are caught without a valid OV card you will be fined €38. You must chip-out while ending the trip. You can chip in and chip out at the gate of the station.

Amsterdam Metro Resources

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