Adana Metro

Adana Metro Information

 Adana Metro is a rapid transit system that serves Adana in Turkey. The system began operations on 14th May 2010, and presently has 1 line which serves 13 stations. The system has a total track length of 13.9 km (8.6 miles). The expansion of the metro system is underway with 7 more stations under construction and around 9.3 km of track line being constructed. The system is operated by Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

Adana Metro Map

Map of Adana Metro in Turkey showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Adana Metro Map in PDF.

Adana Metro Map1 Adana Metro turkey

Adana Metro Hours

The metro service starts operations around 6:00 am and runs until 12:15 am the next day.

Adana Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

A single trip ticket can be purchased for 2.00 TL. Two tickets can be purchased for 3.30 TL and 4 tickets for 6.10 TL. Riders can also purchase a smart card for 5.00 TL. Children under six years of age can ride the metro for free.

Adana Metro Parking

There are parking facilities available for metro passengers at most stations.

Adana Metro Rules and Tips

Transit of small pets is allowed provided they are carried inside carriers. Guide dogs accompanying disabled persons are allowed to travel on the metro. Carrying of weapons, flammable objects and explosives is strictly prohibited. Photography and video filming is prohibited inside the metro network. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the metro network. Bicycles cannot be carried inside the metro

Adana Metro Lines

Currently Adana metro has 1 line that offers service from the west of hospital of mental health and turns south crossing TCDD rail tracks and moves toward southern Adana. The line moves north again crossing D-400 state road and ends at Yuregir Bus terminal. The Adana metro line is planning to extend further 9.5km with 7 more stations. The construction is expected to start soon. Once the extension work is completed, Adana metro will become 23.5km long serving total 20 stations.

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